Besides your logistics service for cold, chilled and ambient storage in your area, The Juice House also has a specialized customs department.

More and more customs duties are shifted to the companies themselves, making them increasingly subject to licensing, legislation and the associated administrative handling.

We relieve your customs issues by offering a complete package of tasks:

  • Import your goods into the EU
  • Worldwide export
  • Issuing certificates of origin
  • Transit documents for transporting bounded goods
  • Fiskal representation
  • CBS entries
  • Advice and support

Most customs routines are digitized today. Therefore, it is no longer necessary for a lorry to drive to a customs office for finishing the customs documents.

Your assignments can simply be sent by email, and you will receive the required documentation in return by email in no time.

Who is JH Customs BV

JH Customs BV is a neutral customs agent specialized in providing all aspects of customs issues.

JH Customs BV was founded by The Juice House BV in addition to its service. The Juice House BV has an extensive storage facility for both dry storage and conditioned, up to -20 degrees Celsius.

The demand for customs warehousing increased a lot in the past few years, with the need to optimize this service. This combination works to your advantage. Together we offer you storage possibilities combined with all necessary customs affairs.

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