Your logistic service provider for quality inspection, control and improvement of your incoming and outgoing goods in Cuijk - region Arnhem, Nijmegen, Oss, The Netherlands - Holland.

To show Juice House realy can service you as if you have the goods at your own facility, in 2003 we invested in a large and well equipped laboratory with specialized staff to ensure the quality of your products and our processes. In this lab we can assist you developing and improving your products, sample and measure all the products and steps in the process.

We like to express it's our vision and often mentioned by customers, we're your hands, eyes and nose!

Our staff in the lab checks and sees whether the goods fulfil your specifications.

All steps of our processes samples are taken and also microbiological tested, in order to record and assure hygienic processing.

We also take commercial samples which we store and can send ou tot you or your customers at any time. Just send out an email to

We record all our data in a specially developed software programm for both logistic and technical data of your products. Reports will and can be send by either email or internet-data transfer.

To save even more indirect costs, Juice House can co-ordinate all incoming and outgoing flows of goods, organise all transport and acquire import and export documents. These activities may include inventory management and order picking.

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