Your logistic service provider for frozen, cold, ambient and dry storage of fruit juices and other goods in Cuijk - region Arnhem, Nijmegen, Oss, The Netherlands - Holland.

The storage requirements for the juice market developed from frozen storage in drums, back in 1994 to specialized storage requirements for the raw materials, end products but also for the aroma's and other additives with which the market develops new ranges and applications in the juice industry.

We adjusted to these requirements and now offer a wide range of storage possibilties:

  • Frozen at -18 Celsius for drums, jerrycans, pails, cartons and what so ever
  • Chilled at 0-5 Celsius for raw materials as well as aroma's and additives in Aseptically filled drums, containers, bins, jerrycans, pails, cartons and even 500 ml bottles
  • Ambient at 10-20 Celsius for aroma's and additives, which do not require temperatures below 5 Celsius. But here we also store packaging materials. For both ourselves and our customers

Did we start in 1994 storing our goods at Blokland Cold Stores in Cuijk, 4 or 6 pallets high, one 'simply' stacked upon the other. Since 1994 we also invested in racks to be able to store pallets with pails, jerrycans and other; smaller volume and not stackable products. We enlarged our chilled and ambient capacities by renting 3 warehouses on "t Riet", just around the corner, 400 meters from our offices and production facilities at Blokland Cold Stores.  At this location we have the capacity of over 2500 pallet positions chilled and over 1300 pallet positions ambient.

We are your eyes and hands so in case goods arrive damaged, dented or broken we will report this and if possible and required we can repair, repack the good for you.

The logistic circle

As soon as the raw materials arrive here from all over the world they are tested against, your, required specifications.

Samples can be taken from each batch on request. Our customers can then check the test results, sent over twice a day through internet, directly into their data base.

Looking for storage in Arnhem, Nijmegen and Oss?

We will meet your logistic needs including smooth transportation to and from Arnhen, Nijmegen or Oss. We gladly take care of all the necessary custom formalities.

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